Come and enjoy an incredible vacation at Whitefish Dunes State Park

The huge territory of the Park, many wide cross-country ski slopes, incredibly beautiful trees, covered with a fluffy ball of snow and clear nature – all this can be found by each of you in Whitefish Dunes State Area.

Fresh renovation of the Park territory

It is worth noting that the team of professionals working in the Area makes every day every possible effort for a comfortable pastime of athletes on the tracks. With each inch of snow dropped, workers qualitatively process and trample the track so that it is suitable for cross-country skiing. Moreover, they use special mixtures of different chemical elements for better hardening of the surface. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the condition of the tracks at all, because Whitefish Dunes State Park monitors this very carefully. The comfort and pleasure of visitors is important for the Area.

A large number of different tracks amaze

Whitefish Dunes State Area presents to its visitors different tracks designed for different levels of driving. The green ski road is available to all skiers, both beginners and experienced athletes, because the green track is the safest. The orange track, judging by the color scheme, is already presented more for professional cross-country skiing. There are a large number of sharp turns, small jumps and there can be dangerous areas.

On both the green and orange roads, you can still meet hikers, where there are no special prohibitions on walking for them.
The black track is the most dangerous. It is intended only for professionals who are instructed and trained before skiing to know how to act under different circumstances. In addition, pedestrian visitors are not allowed to enter here so as not to spoil the surface of a specially designed surface.

Night skiing is a feature of the Park

Recently, many interesting events and opportunities have appeared in the Park. Among the most interesting, we present to you night cross-country skiing. Such classes are available on the green track, as visibility is limited at night and it is necessary to adhere to safety measures. Nature looks especially fabulous at night. And cross-country skiing at night seems to be something unknown. Therefore, a lot of athletes are delighted with this opportunity.