Door County Silent Sports Alliance (DCSSA) brings people the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors

What could be better than enjoying incredible nature and wonderful natural scenery while doing your favorite activity? Perhaps this is the pinnacle of pleasure, the same nirvana. The Door County Alliance was created for the goal of providing unrealistic emotions from the association of outdoor occupation.

The Reason for the Popularity of Silent Sports

Silent Sports are a special subculture of outdoor occupation. Such occupation takes place in the open air and its essence is to use self-propulsion. What does it mean? No noisy sound from vehicle engines, and no environmental damage that can be caused due to emissions of fuel products into the atmosphere. Some of the most well-known occupations include cycling, rowing, athletics, rock climbing, biathlon and skiing. Practicing such activities is inherently awareness of nature and one’s own health. You have the opportunity to monitor your own physical condition without harming nature and getting a dose of pleasure.

DCSSA Committed to Increasing Interest in Silent Sports

The first fact that I would like to announce is that the DCSSA itself is not a profitable or commercial organization. It has no financial interest. First of all, the alliance aims to promote the development of the popularity of activities among both youth and adults, thereby expanding the interests of people.

Why is the DCSSA Promoting Silent Sports?

The Alliance aims to prove that it is possible to go in for special occupations and maintain the physical shape of the body not only without harm to nature, but also with benefit. Sports such as mountain biking, rowing, running and skiing contribute greatly to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, by making a choice in favor of silent activities, society simultaneously makes a choice in favor of preserving nature.

DCSSA Projects Promoting Silent Sports

The Alliance raises people’s interest in physical activity by creating special projects and cooperating with the authorities. Thus, The Door County Alliance, in collaboration with the authorities of Door County, has developed a project of safe roads and routes for both climbers and mountain bikers. Thanks to this project, mountain biking has become much safer, as athletes now have access to a map of possible routes, using which they can fully enjoy and unite with nature.