DCSSA membership brings athletes a wide range of emotions

Door County Silent Sports Alliance offers cross-country ski lovers membership in the Alliance, thereby promising a huge number of incredible opportunities and services in return.

What do you get with your Door County Silent Sports Alliance membership?

By applying for community in the Alliance, the athlete skier gets access to all objects for a period of 12 months. The most popular are Potawatomi State Park, Reforestation Camp Site and Whitefish Dunes State Park. It is in these objects that the member gets the opportunity to use all the fast slopes for cross-country skiing, as well as the opportunity to relax and enjoy incredible natural landscapes, while honing his skills in silent sports.

Features of the financial component of DCSSA membership

You have decided to become a member of DCSSA, you receive an obligation to pay a fixed amount for the year. In case of a one-time payment, the athlete must transfer the entire amount to the Alliance account at a time to open a community. Also, the total amount could be divided into monthly payments, with a fixed financial obligation to pay once a month. In this scenario, on a certain date, your subscription will need to be renewed every month, paying the necessary amount to the Alliance.

Choose a convenient type of membership for you

Athletes have access to a choice of three possible components – individual community, family and business membership.
As for individual participation: this opportunity is ideal for one skier. The advantage is a very simple community process and, of course, the price is only $10 for a fixed period of 12 months.

Family subscription is a little different: such a family can have two adults and up to three children up to 17 years old inclusive. This type of participation allows all family members to take part in organized events at all facilities of the Alliance. $15 for 12 months fully pays for themselves if we take into account all the emotions that the family could get from rest.

Finally, business membership: a legal entity can be considered a member of the sports Alliance for just $20, all employees of which can benefit and enjoy the benefits of such an agreement. In addition, the business that forces community participation will thus confirm its commitment to protecting nature, as well as interest in silent sports.