Trail run skiing at Potawatomi State Park will be fabulous

Cross-country skiers and nature lovers will be pleasantly surprised if they don’t already know of such a great place as this Area. It is here that all athletes can find everything they can dream of: physical activity, beautiful skiing tracks, fabulous nature and incredible landscapes.

Why does Potawatomi State Park deserve attention?

Potawatomi State Park itself is an incredibly beautiful place. However, it is in winter that this Park acquires something even more special. This area offers skiers hundreds of miles of varied ski runs, passing through which you can enjoy the indescribable beauty of the winter forest and nature in general. Moreover, such an Area gladly prepared a bonus for its visitors in the form of a special track equipped for ice skating. And in some places it is possible to combine these two silent sports, taking turns training in skating and skiing.

Changes in weather conditions do not scare trail run in 2016

Activities such as cross-country sport activities and ice skating are often weather dependent. It is necessary to fall a little more snow, then you have to re-equip the tracks in a different way. And the ride begins to warm up and the snow begins to melt, the skiing has to be postponed for an indefinite period. But nevertheless, all these minor problems do not frighten either the athletes themselves or the organizers of Potawatomi State Park. The Park employs a team of real professionals who are very active in responding to any changes in the condition of the ski and skate tracks.

2016 SMART decisions in Potawatomi State Park

This establishment cares about the comfort of skiers, so the Area team developed a special system called SMART, which includes five key points that athletes should follow when skiing on the slopes.

  • Start Slowly – The main key to good activities is starting with the easy and working your way up to the hard.
  • Make an action plan – think in advance how to plan your route correctly in order to secure your pastime on the slopes.
  • Always be careful – study the tracks carefully, watch where you fall.
  • Respect for others – think about the safety of others, watch your actions towards other people.
  • Take a break – do not exhaust yourself to an impossible state.