Potawatomi State Park , January 10, 2016

The Park was last groomed on 1/10/2016. Goals were to 1) Mix new powder snow from 1/9/2016 into ice and hard pack base. 2) Remove previously snow cover logs and branches from the trail. 3) Level the trail base. 4) Remove footprints made by hikers. All goals were accomplished.

Generally there is little snow depth after the recent warm temperatures, but the trails are still ski-able. Rock skis are recommended. Skate lanes were fair with occasional areas of bare spots and exposed rocks or ice. Track was difficult to set due the lack of snow, but is in fair condition. There are some bare and icy spots.

The campground road was groomed for skating and has the best conditions for skating. The green trail starting area loop near the shelter, parking area is poor and not ski-able.

Carl Grota, Gene Kastenson