Treat yourself to the perfect aesthetic getaway with silent sports in Door County

What can you think of better than going out of town for a few days, where you could get a huge dose of aesthetic pleasure and extreme sports. Such an offer is available in Door County, where everything around is just preparing for the fact that it’s time to relax.

Door County and its famous nature

Door County is commonly referred to as a real paradise on earth. There is no other place in Wisconsin that is as quiet and beautiful. Many tourists and travelers know about Door County and it has long become special for them. Incredible mountain slopes, a huge territory of spacious plains, lush forests and full-flowing rivers. Water caves and sand dunes have won the hearts of more than one hundred people. It would seem that it is simply impossible to create all these natural conditions on Earth in one place like Door County. But it’s all true. It is here in Door County that you will find what you are looking for. Ski lovers will enjoy incredible mountain slopes with wide cross-country skiing trails. Fans of mountain biking would also be pleased when they try the winding mountain roads, especially suitable for this activity. Athletes and race walkers would not be able to believe that hundreds of square kilometers of territory of Door County will be at their disposal.

Why you should choose silent sports

Do not sit at home by the window and wait for comfortable weather for sports. Silent sports are available in any weather, because there are dozens of them, and you could choose for yourself what you want. Now is the time to get out and enjoy nature and the weather, and at the same time do not forget about maintaining a good physical shape of your body. It doesn’t matter at all whether there is snow on the ground, or whether the ground is covered with leaves, whether the sun is shining or fog, there is always something to do.
Silent sports are activities that do not cause significant harm to nature and do not make loud noises – that is, these are activities in which you cannot hear the roar of the engine or other noises, as well as which exclude pollution of the natural environment, for example emissions into the atmosphere of products of processing of car engines. In addition to maintaining good physical shape, your health and unity with nature, your conscious choice would benefit the entire ecology of the planet.

The Door County Silent Sports Alliance is for your convenience

The Door County Silent Sports Alliance is a special organization whose goal is to spread awareness about silent sports, thereby increasing people’s interest in this segment. The Alliance is not a commercial organization, no financial interest. The organization promotes the ideas of protecting nature through the prism of a conscious choice of a sport. One of their main goals is to teach people the rules of behavior with the environment, as well as the rules for enjoying it. The Alliance advocates for more people to make a choice towards silent sports, as they believe that they are the future.

Great cross country deals at Whitefish Dunes State Park

It is Whitefish Dunes State Park that is one of the facilities of the Door County Silent Sports Alliance, which provides ideal conditions for cross-country skiing for athletes. Every year the Park goes through a stage of complete renovation. Hundreds of miles of wide trails, as well as the sheer variety of trails, make Whitefish Dunes State Park a unique destination. andar bahar game

Moreover, every year the organizers of the Alliance, in cooperation with local authorities, are engaged in projects for laying safe tracks and roads for athletes and travelers in Whitefish Dunes State Park. Each is entitled to a booklet, which lists all possible routes for the passage of ski slopes. This is done in order to protect its visitors from unforeseen circumstances. Whitefish Dunes State Park offers athletes to enjoy the unreal beauty of wildlife – forests, flora and fauna, as well as huge reservoirs.

Potawatomi State Park is another unforgettable place for silent sports

Another Alliance site is Potawatomi State Park. The place is in no way inferior to Whitefish Dunes State Park, and somewhere even overtakes it in ratings. Potawatomi State Park also boasts a huge area with wide paved cross-country skiing trails. Moreover, it is Potawatomi State Park that provides its visitors with the opportunity to try their hand at such a sport as ice skating. After all, it is here that there are many special tracks for skating, which are located next to the traditional ski tracks. Potawatomi State Park has a team of professionals who every year put a lot of effort into improving the Park and its nature. Potawatomi State Park offers its visitors the incredible beauty of dense snowy forests and fields, as well as many rare animals that cannot be found in ordinary areas. This Park is the perfect place for the whole family.

If you don’t know what silent sports are, now is the time to try

As you can see, silent sports are a harmonious combination of a competent attitude towards your body and a conscious attitude towards nature. If you choose them, you won’t regret it. The human body is much better in harmony with nature, and if you also maintain a healthy spirit, you can achieve an ideal state. The extended family of The Door County Silent Sports Alliance is here to help you. In Door County, you won’t be alone in wanting to try your hand at silent sports. Many parks with different possibilities are already waiting for you. Do not put off until tomorrow your harmony with your own body and environment.