Whitefish Dunes gets a second wind with every new snow

For some, snowy weather does not bode well. But not for cross-country skiers at this Area. With each new snowfall, Whitefish Dunes come to life and a huge number of skiers go to incredibly beautiful slopes.

Role of Whitefish Dunes in silent sports

Cross-country skiing is one of the most popular silent sports. You can’t think of anything better in winter than going to the mountains on incredibly beautiful tracks and pumping up your health and physical condition. Sportsmen get a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the winter forest, snow-covered trees and trodden slopes. Do not forget that skis do not bring any harm to nature, because they do not produce noisy sounds and are not characterized by the possibility of chemical emissions into the atmosphere.

Snowy weather is essential for a good Whitefish Dunes derby

A light and thin ball of snow is all that is needed for the happiness of cross-country skiers. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unpleasant moments when the snow either melts too quickly, and skiers simply do not have the opportunity to fully enjoy nature and sports, or there is too much snow, and then cross-country skiing just won’t work, because it may be very dangerous. You have to adjust to the weather conditions.

Whitefish Dunes in Door County is the perfect place for cross country skiing

Whitefish Dunes in Door County boasts incredibly beautiful trails and enchanting nature. Skiers are promised peace and tranquility along with unity with nature on the best tracks specially prepared for them. The trails for cross-country activities are quite wide and well-groomed, and around them there is an incredible winter forest. Along the route, athletes have the opportunity to enjoy the beauties of a small lake in winter. Area specially prepares the surface of the lake so that cross-country skiing can also be done there.

Skier’s Paradise Begins at Whitefish Dunes State Park

The work of this State Park is primarily focused on two main areas:

  1. Providing pleasant conditions for recreation and sports for skiers;
  2. Ensuring the protection of nature, flora and fauna.

The Park copes with all the goals with a bang: satisfied visitors who are delighted with cross-country skiing in a fairy-tale forest and the incredible preservation of nature.