Ski Reports

Whitefish Dunes State Park, 1/27/2016

Wednesday, Jan. 27 Trail Conditions – Good to very good. Approaching excellent in a few areas. Tracks were set today after rolling 6″ of new snow yesterday. Tracks are full depth almost everywhere, covering over the few scattered bare spots. Trails may be a little soft til they setup, probably overnight. Woods debris is pretty […]

1/16/2016 Potawatomie SP ski report

Trails at Pot Park are in good to very good condition. With another 8-12″ of snow they would be in excellent condition. Tracks were reset on the Green Trail today and the skate lane on all other trails were groomed. The Blue Trail has some thin spots but nothing bare. The Black and Red Trails have […]

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Potawatomi State Park, January 14, 2016

Conditions Skating: Very good Classic: Very good The park received 2.5 inches of snow on 1/11. The skate lane and classic track were re groomed on 1/12 on the blue red and black trails. The 2 snowfalls and the 2 groomings this week have improved the trails considerably. The skate lanes are well covered much […]

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Crossroads at Big Creek January 13, 2016

One inch of snow fall today during my ski today. The skate lane was groomed yesterday and has set up well just about everywhere. There are some soft spots and thin areas, but downhills are dreamy smooth gliding without bare spots or footprints. The classic track has been set since the last report and has […]

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Whitefish Dunes State Park January 12, 2016, 9:45 pm

Trail conditions – fair to good, very good in many areas 2″ of moderately dry new snow was blended with the previous 2″ of wetter snow over the frozen base following the meltdown of a few days ago. This resulted in a fairly firm base and mostly full depth tracks, relatively free of woods debris. […]

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Peninsula Park January 12, 2016, 3:45 pm

Conditions good for classic. 2 inches of new snow on top of 2 inches from the other day. Classic trails on the green loop were skied on, but not groomed. No skating trails groomed. Plenty of snow cover. Polly Kuehn

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Crossroads at Big Creek (Sturgeon Bay) Jan. 12, 2016

Crossroads Ski Report  1-12-2016  NoonCrossroads received close to 2″ of snow last night.  Early this AM the entire trail system was gone over with the Tidd Tech Trail Tenderizer and loose snow has been stabilized but is not hard packed.  I have not set track at this time as there is considerable blowing snow and […]

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Potawatomi State Park , January 10, 2016

The Park was last groomed on 1/10/2016. Goals were to 1) Mix new powder snow from 1/9/2016 into ice and hard pack base. 2) Remove previously snow cover logs and branches from the trail. 3) Level the trail base. 4) Remove footprints made by hikers. All goals were accomplished. Generally there is little snow depth […]

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Potawatomi State Park January 8, 2016

The trails were last groomed on Jan 6, since then above freezing temperatures thawed and melted much of the snow Rain today has worsened the conditions. The trail snow is thin and soft and not suitable for skiing. To ski on it in this condition on Saturday would degrade the base with ruts that will […]

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Potawatomi, 1/6/16

All skate trails were groomed today. Also tracks were reset on the Blue and Green trails. Trails can be a little bumpy is sections but that can only be solved with more snow.  Otherwise trails are in Very Good condition.