Road Report 4/29/2014

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  1. Bob Richards says:

    What a great new feature! Riders, runners and roller-skiers, post here to provide timely info (you need to be a DCSSA member!) and help other riders, runners and roller-skiers avoid construction, potholes and other temporary obstacles on the roads of Door County!

    1. Chesla Anschutz says:

      5/21/14 – Monument Point Road has been repaired and is in fine condition.

  2. Chesla Anschutz says:

    May 11, 2014 – Schauer Road from Cave Point Park parking area north to Schauer Park is chewed up for reconstruction.

    1. Good to know. That’s for the update.

    2. Chesla Anschutz says:

      5/31/14 – Shauer Road has been repaird.

  3. Carl D Grota says:

    The County U portion in Kewaunee County is having culverts redone across the road. Gravel filled trenches across roadway. County line south to intersection of CTY-U/CTY -S .

    1. Carl D Grota says:

      Work is completed and Cry U is open

  4. Carl D Grota says:

    Southern Door- County S from Tagge Rd to Emerald is ground down to base gravel in anticipation of repaving.
    Southern Door – Portions of New Settlement and Maple ground down to gravel
    Southern Door- Vignes Rd- Cty OO- ground down to base gravel from Cty U to Cty S
    Southern Door- All indications are that County H in the area of County O-H will be chip sealed in the upcoming weeks. This is the area known as East Maplewood

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