Fat Bike Reports

SnowKraft Nordic 1/17/2015

As of 12 noon the trails have been well ridden and packed by snowshoe that Joe Neuville and Larry Fish had packed earlier that morning. Trails are well packed and will be even better after the overnight freeze. Sunday should be great for the fat biker and some of the best riding of the season […]

SnowKraft Nordic Fat Bike 1/16/2015

Trail conditions are good overall and are expected to improve over the weekend. As of the last night or two we found that the trails became loose and easy to powder because of the colder temps. I would expect better more packed trails this weekend and traction should improve. Over all trails are at there […]

SnowKraft Nordic Fat Bike 01/13/2015

As of 7:00pm. trails have been well ridden and tracks set in most all single track trails. With the addition of the light snowfall that accumulated from earlier in the day tails were a bit slick but not bad when first ridden. As there has been some riding on the trails since the last snowfall […]

Bairds Creek Green Bay 1/13/2015 8:00 A.m.

Fantastic, packed trail conditions at Bairds today.  No ice.  Rode MARS loop (East) and all with no issues.  

SnowKraft nordic Fat Bike Report!

Trails have been ridden but need more traffic to make them optimal for most. There has been some riders that have packed in the trails but not all trails have been ridden. coverage is about 3″ of new snow and some of the trails need more riders to make them optimal.

SnowKraft Nordic Fat bike report 1/8/2015 7:30pm

 Trails have lots of fresh snow and have had some riders on them packing them in, but need more riding soon to make them optimal. At this point the trails are very challenging and not very encouraging for the beginner. As of yesterday the trails were well ridden and fast with hi traction but with […]

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SnowKraft Nordic Fat Bike trail conditions

Conditions couldn’t be described as any better then perfect considering the amount of snow we wave. All trails are groomed and firm. Fat bikers should ride with caution and use 3.8 or wider tires and will leave little to no track on the center of the trail. Single track is well packes with firm well […]

SnowKraft Nordic 1/04/2015 4pm

Trail condition are good with our new snowfall late yesterday and last nigh. Trails are well packed and traction good. I would expect conditions to improve even more with more rider traffic and colder temperatures. Rides are asked to stay off the ski trails due to soft conditions. Snow accumulations are 4-6 inches and all […]

SnowKraft Nordic 1/3/2015 4pm

 All single track trails ridden and in good condition. last nights freeze will make them perfect for a Sunday ride. Total accumulations are about 2 inches of fresh snow with a solid base “No Mud” making firm high traction fast trails. We did not ride any of the orchard ski trails and would ask others […]

Possible new adventure route

Today I decided to go for ride that was out of the ordinary so I incorporated he local snowmobile trails that surround my property. If you are looking for a smooth and fast ride this isnt it but if you are looking for a ride that takes you trough all different types of terrain then […]