Crossroads at Big Creek January 13, 2016

One inch of snow fall today during my ski today. The skate lane was groomed yesterday and has set up well just about everywhere. There are some soft spots and thin areas, but downhills are dreamy smooth gliding without bare spots or footprints. The classic track has been set since the last report and has set up well with great glide even at 9F temps. The snow depths are less on the higher terrain east of the observatory; so there are thin areas with some exposed grass on the skate and classic track. The classic track is shallow and softer here. Rate skating good everywhere and classic good on the lower terrain and fair on the upper. This trail system gets daily attention, considering the recent thaw and freeze and light snowfalls it helped make it a fun ski today. Temps tomorrow will approach 30F. If you decide to come here to ski then stop by the maintenance building between 1pm and 3:30pm to find out more about our Ski for Free program. Reminder, Full Moon Night Ski at Crossroads on Jan 24.

Gene Kastenson