Crossroads at Big Creek, 2/27/2015

I did not ski the trails, but I was able to view enough of the trail system from the walking trails to make a report. The trails were last groomed for skating and striding after the last snowfall on Feb 21. Last week’s snowfall, the grooming, and cold conditions with little skier traffic have left the trails in reasonably good shape. The skate lane is firm and well covered in most areas. The stride track is shallow, but firm, looks quite ski-able and is holding up well in most areas. It like the skate lane is in better condition on the trails closest to the Collins Center. There are small patches of exposed ground and absent stride track on the higher ground trails farther away from the Collins center. The old orchard trail had adequate snow for skating, the stride track was very shallow and variably present. I did not see bare ground there, but i know from experience that rocks become exposed here in thin snow conditions.

All told I think that a given the warmer weather over the next few days would allow for a good recreational-paced ski at Crossroads.

Gene Kastenson