SnowKraft Nordic Fat bike Report

Trail conditions are very good with a well packed and groomed base and a total trail width measuring 2″ to 36″ in most areas. I have been riding with 5″ tires and pressures set between 10 and 15 pounds and have had good traction. There are no bare spots in the trails and if you can tough out the cold you will find the ride to be awesome. Happy fat biking!!!!

Randal Sahs

Southern Door, July 16, 2014

  • County S from Tagge Rd to Emerald is ground down to base gravel in anticipation of repaving.
  • Portions of New Settlement and Maple ground down to gravel
  • Vignes Rd- Cty OO- ground down to base gravel from Cty U to Cty S
  • All indications are that County H in the area of County O-H will be chip sealed in the upcoming weeks. This is the area known as East Maplewood