Potawatomi State Park, January 5, 2016

The skate lane was re groomed today on the blue red and black trails. Skating it resulted in smoother and faster skiing compared to yesterday. Glide was excellent everywhere, a few soft pole plants on uphills. The classic track has held up well, with zippy fast glide and very few skied out areas. The best skate and classic track is on the black loop and red return loop. Rate skate good to very good. Classic fair to excellent. Big Shout Out to groomers Steve, Carl, and Ron who whipped the trails into shape since our snowfall last week.

Gene Kastenson

Whitefish Dunes, Jan. 4 2016

Conditions Fair to Good- firm track soft pole plant area, good coverage.
Trails had a lot of use over the weekend and are holding up well with nice firm track, but quite soft pole plant area. Wood debris ,i.e. Beech leaves, Cedar and Hemlock needles are beginning to make their presence known, but overall the skiing experience is very good, considering its the first snowfall of the season. Only downside are the impressions from hikers and snowshoers who continue to be on the trails despite the numerous signs at each trail access stating that hiking, dog walking, and snowshoeing are not allowed on groomed trails. Skiers are kindly invited to inform such users that they are in violation DNR regulations prohibiting such uses on groomed trails. Plans are to probably re groom on Weds., then again after the next forecast snowfall. Whitefish Dunes is groomed for classic only,

Rich Dirks

Jan. 1, 2016 Whitefish Dunes State Park

Track was set on all of the trails today. A few wind blown bare spots and some needles down, but over all conditions are great. Unfortunately, between when Rich rolled after the big snow, and I set track, there have been hikers & snowshoers walking on ski trails. Fred & Kristin have signs up, but obviously being ignored.

John and Deanna Swanson

Potawatomi State Park Jan 1, 2016

Today we re groomed our last snowfall of 13 inches on Dec. 29. The blue and red trail skate lanes were compacted and combed. The green start loop was compacted and classic track reset. The classic track on the blue and red trails was set on Dec 30 and remains in good to fair condition. The classic track and and skate lane on the green starting loop near the ski parking lot have stretches of thin and bare spots for the first 1/4 mile of distance, but once crossing the plowed road there are better conditions. To avoid this park at the area near the group campgrounds, {turn right when the ski parking sign says turn left} find the unmarked parking and climb over the snow piles to find the trail with better snow. I did not ski the trails, but the trail behind the groomer looked level and firm. Finished grooming 1 hour after dark so it should set to be nice for tomorrow. Hope you have a chance to get out and let us know. Happy New Year.

Gene Kastenson

Potawatomi State Park, Dec. 30, 2015

The park received 13 inches of snow on 12/29. The trails were compacted on 12/29 and groomed and tracked on 12/30. The skate deck and classic tracks skied slow and soft on 12/30 at 27 degrees F at 3pm. The return loop of the Blue loop was the best after the third grooming pass. The grooming goal for the rest of the year is to repeat compacting and tracking passes for a quality New Years skiing experience.

Gene Kastenson

Whitefish Dunes State Park (northeast of Sturgeon Bay), 12/29/2015

Conditions: Fair, somewhat soft but full coverage.

All trails other than portions of the Green trail on the north side of Cty WD were rolled today. The 9″ inches of moisture laden dense snow will need more compacting before it firms up, but for those anxious to get the skis out it will be soft but skiable. There is no track yet, but one should be set before the weekend. There are many twigs and branches along the trails so feel free to toss them off to the side. Also, tell your hiking and snowshoe friends to refrain from using the ski trails for anything but skiing. Once the track is set, Whitefish Dunes is groomed for classic only.

Rich Dirks