Whitefish Dunes State Park Ski Report

With approximately 10 inches of new snow (very dry), all trails were initially rolled then tracked. With bitterly cold weather tonight, the tracks should firm up nicely. Come out and enjoy a beautiful Door County winter. Please remind your hiking friends to use the Black trail. We still have people walking dogs and hiking on tracked ski trails.

John Swanson

WFD Ski Report 2/16/16

Trails were re-groomed and track set after about 3″ of new snow. After Rich Dirks did a Herculean effort in breaking up the icy base, the trails are now good in most places to thin under the red pines. Some needle debris. Skiers may want to get out yet this week before the melt down and possible rain later this week.

John Swanson

Whitefish Dunes State Park, Feb. 10, 2016

Trail Conditions – Fair to Good, very good in a few areas

The frozen hard pack was sliced and diced with the Ginzu knives and, after multiple passes it was chopped up enough to allow setting a new track. While the track is “pitted”, it should be quite skiable and the downhills are no longer glare ice. Portions of the Yellow Trail going through the Red Pine Plantation have very thin snow cover, are littered with woods debris and the track is quite shallow, but overall the trail conditions are considerably better than the previous frozen hard pack.

Rich Dirks

Whitefish Dunes State Park, Feb. 4, 2016

Trail Conditions – Good to Very Good, Excellent in some areas.

All trails were groomed and new track set after approx 4 1/2″ new, wet snow on Tuesday. No bare spots, but some thin areas under cedars & hemlocks, and portion of Yellow Trail through Red Pine plantation continues to be strewn with pine needles. Tracks are mostly full depth and reasonably clean. Pole plant areas firm. Overall, probably the best conditions so far this season.

Potawatomi SP Trail Report

Wednesday (2/3/2016) night all of the trails were rolled and tracks set. With the colder temperatures the trail set up very nicely. Thursday morning skiing was very nice and fast. As a result of the wind and wet snow, a lot of debris fell on the trail. The big stuff was picked up prior to grooming but there is still a lot of little twigs on the trail. Please assist us in keeping the trail nice by “flicking a stick” as you enjoy your ski.

Potawatomi State Park, January 29, 2016

The blue, red and black trail skate lanes were re groomed today after a 1 inch snowfall on 1/28. The classic track was last groomed on 1/27. The grooming further leveled and firmed the skate lane surface. The classic track remains firm with good glide. A windy day yesterday left a little debris.

Skating rated very good. Classic good to very good. Best skiing conditions I had here this season. Way to keep at it, groomers Kim and Dennis.

Gene Kastenson

Whitefish Dunes State Park, 1/27/2016

Wednesday, Jan. 27 Trail Conditions – Good to very good. Approaching excellent in a few areas.

Tracks were set today after rolling 6″ of new snow yesterday. Tracks are full depth almost everywhere, covering over the few scattered bare spots. Trails may be a little soft til they setup, probably overnight. Woods debris is pretty well covered over, but will return with the high winds in the forecast Wed. night.

The Black Trail, a hiking/snowshoe trail was also rolled in preparation for the Candlelight Ski this Saturday evening, Jan 30. See you there.

Rich Dirks & John Swanson

Potawatomi State Park, January 27, 2016

5 inches of new snowfall on Jan.25, 26. The trails were rolled, compacted, combed and tracked on Jan 27 after lower air temperatures permitted.The classic track is very good to excellent. The skate lane set up well on the blue loop and is firm with great glide. The skate lane on the red and black loops is a bit softer, but the new snow and grooming helped level out a lot of the previously bumpy uneven areas.

Skating rated very good to excellent; best areas are the return loops on the blue, black and red trails. Best ski I’ve had here this season. Great job, groomers Kim and Dennis.

Gene Kastenson